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At Jebsen & Jessen Technology Turf & Irrigation, we provide comprehensive and innovative turf & landscaping solutions, with decades of expertise within the team, for a worry-free experience on golf courses, parklands, stadiums and other public facilities to our customers across South East Asia.

From turf & landscaping maintenance equipment, buggies and utility vehicles to irrigation systems and fertilisers, we bring you some of the world’s leading brands and global technologies from renown manufacturers to the region. Beyond distribution, we offer turf & landscaping management service, providing engineering consultancy, training and commissioning on top of after-sales support, warehousing and distribution facilities.

Our team of 150 colleagues from diverse backgrounds are professionally equipped and ready to adapt swiftly to local requirements, to serve customers across the region.

Jebsen & Jessen Group: Our Environment, Health & Safety Commitment

Our focus on creating sustainable business naturally brought consideration for the environment, health and safety (EHS) into our everyday operations. Following international developments in this area we began creating policies and standards in the early 1990s.

We have met global standards ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 for the Group and our member companies. Newly acquired entities are required to achieve these standards after joining our family. We operate a regional surveillance and re-certification system to support our companies in maintaining standards.

Integrating concern into everyday business

To turn commitment into action we joined a new scheme for measuring and monitoring our corporate carbon footprint and are working towards carbon neutrality . A designated team member drives multiple internal initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

For our member companies, the results of making EHS an everyday activity are evidenced in the multiple awards. Across South East Asia suppliers and customers recognise our Regional Business Units for their environmental impact and health and safety excellence.

The impact of our investment

As well as time and attention a systematic EHS commitment takes resources. The positive impact on customers, staff and the wider community becomes evident in the valued relationships. We continue to serve clients and customers who require low impact goods and services, for example those in the packaging and oleo chemical industries.

Our record for safety makes us a prudent choice for industrial partners and clients. Strong EHS standards contribute to our excellent record of staff and customer loyalty. Our relationship with our community is strengthened through Meet a Need Programme , an annual CSR initiative focused on communities across the region. We partner with local charities to deliver meaningful and impactful projects, engaging our staff and providing lasting value for the community.

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