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A good fleet management system should remove unnecessary data entry and automate as many manual tasks as possible. The goal is to give time back to your team to spend on higher priority matters.

Developed exclusively by Toro, the myTurf Pro system helps keep equipment in top condition by alerting a service technician when maintenance is due. With wireless hour meters installed on equipment, there is no need to gather operating hours – they report automatically. The system documents all repairs and builds a database for easy reference in the future, so you can track costs and learn from previous repairs.

The myTurf Pro system not only ensures that correct and timely maintenance is undertaken, it also lets an owner compare units to see which ones perform better. Ultimately, turf equipment that is well cared for lasts longer. Toro’s system generates the cost reporting data needed to review new equipment additions and operating budgets.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-Time Connectivity: With myTurf Pro, stay connected to your fleet with real-time data and mobile access, ensuring you’re always informed and in control.

  • Automated Maintenance: Say goodbye to manual tracking. myTurf Pro’s automated alerts and wireless hour meters notify technicians promptly, ensuring timely maintenance.

  • Comprehensive Asset Management: Effortlessly track and compare unit performance. myTurf Pro’s detailed reporting illuminates cost savings and equipment optimization.

  • Toro NSN Support: Benefit from industry-leading support with Toro NSN, providing comprehensive assistance for all your Toro equipment needs.

Detailed Specifications

  • Monitor a wide array of assets, including non-Toro equipment.
  • Utilize customizable maintenance schedules for streamlined operations.
  • Order parts and manage inventory efficiently with 24/7 online access.

Usage/Application Instructions

  • For optimal fleet management, engage with the myTurf Pro dashboard to schedule maintenance, order parts, and track inventory.


Q: How does myTurf Pro enhance maintenance efficiency? A: By automating maintenance alerts and tracking, myTurf Pro minimizes downtime and extends equipment life.

Ready to transform your equipment management? Contact us to learn more about how myTurf Pro can simplify your maintenance operations and improve your bottom line.

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