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Carbon Neutrality

At Jebsen & Jessen, our approach to carbon neutrality comes from our commitment to our people, our communities and our environment. In 2008, we pledged to become carbon neutral. Immediately, we embarked on a journey to start a self-imposed voluntary carbon offsetting programme and pushed for all our business units to be ISO 14001 certified. By 2011, we were officially carbon neutral.


gTool is our in-house developed, integrated tool to calculate our carbon footprint. The calculations follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol of 2008 by measuring the emissions by scope of impact:

  • Scope 1: All fossil fuels used for production sites: Petrol, Gas, Coal, etc…
  • Scope 2: All purchased electricity.
  • Scope 3: All travel related emissions from cars, ferry and air travel.


Our priority is to reduce our carbon footprint. We achieve this through energy efficiency initiatives and conversion of high-carbon to low-carbon energy sources. For example: Switching from coal-based to biomass-based fuel for our Packaging manufacturing plant in Vietnam, using LED light bulbs in all offices, installing solar panels in Packaging manufacturing plant in Malaysia.


We offset the remaining emissions with carbon credits from high-quality, verified carbon offset projects around the world to achieve a net zero carbon footprint.

In 2020, we reinforce our commitment to climate change by becoming a signatory of the Family Business Pledge 2020 – a joint initiative by the Family Business Network (FBN) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) – which aims to advance sustainability practices of family businesses through taking action on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are committed to reducing our contribution to global warming and maintaining our carbon neutral status.

We look forward to doing business with our partners and customers in a sustainable manner.

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