Turf & Horticultural Management

We distribute the world’s leading brands including Syngenta, BEST®, Profile® and Turf Feeding Systems. We offer a range of turf management product for use on golf courses, parks, landscaped gardens, green walls and other green spaces, including agricultural and horticultural sites. Our team of specialists delivers after-sales service including operator training, technical support, and onsite support across the region.
Pioneering innovations in plant nutrition and food processing, researching new ways to feed animals and sustain ecosystems.

BEST® Fertilisers

BEST® manufactures and markets a wide variety of turf products including controlled-release fertilisers and fertilisers for tees and greens. Professional turf managers count on its consistent performance. 
Available in all countries.
Profile® manufactures proven solutions that help you thrive in a competitive environment while enhancing the natural environment of your sites.

Soil Amendments

Profile® has the soil solutions that will permanently enhance your root zones for improved germination, increased oxygen levels and both greater water and nutrient retention.
Available in all countries.
Syngenta delivers leading performance and efficacy while ensuring sustainability through the highest level of product stewardship.

Turf Protection

Sygenta products offer disease, insect, weed control and turf grass growth regulators for professional golf superintendents, green keepers and sports turf managers.
Available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.


  Providing equipment for fertigation and sustainable practices that can help reduce water, fertiliser, chemicals, labour and energy.

Turf Feeding Systems

Automated systems for mixing and feeding liquid fertiliser to your green area through the irrigation system. Helping maintain the correct and constant supply of nutrition to your plants.
Available in all countries.