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Together with our partners we have been serving the region's golf industry for more than 20 years. Expanding from our original base in Singapore we now work across ASEAN serving the region’s most prestigious resorts, hotels, conference venues and leisure parks.
Our network of warehousing and workshop facilities enables us to respond to orders quickly. Whilst our dedicated service team are on hand locally to provide all the ongoing after-sales support you require.
As well as equipment we consult on all aspects of turf & horticultural management





Look to Toro for innovative irrigation solutions that handle every challenging area of your course with precision. We distrbute all the equipment you need for your irrigation systems including sensors, field controllers and rotors.
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Get high-quality cuts without sacrificing productivity. Season after season, Toro mowers perform with impressive durability and precision. We distribute a variety of mowers, ranging from fairway and rough to speciality mowers.
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Utility Equipment

For exceptional versatility, hauling and towing, Toro utility vehicles can handle virtually any job or application. We distribute workman HD and workman MD vehicles that meet your utlity needs.  
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Speciality Equipment

Renovate, clean up or condition your property in a fraction of the time usually required and produce superior results. We distribute the most productive, versatile and hard-working equipment in the industry.
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Compact Equipment
For routine maintenance or quick renovation, count on Toro equipment for unmatched versatility and high productivity. Compact and powerful, without damaging fine turf. The versatile attachments enable users to handle virtually any task.
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Club Car


Utility Vehicles

Sturdy design and attunement to functionality ensures you get the most from your investment. Our customisation service enables you to create vehicles to fit your unique needs and purpose.
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Passenger Transport

A smooth ride is ensured with easy maneuverability for the driver and comfortable seating for the passengers. Steering is designed to negotiate tight bends and ensure efficient use of space when parking.
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The Trump Card in Landscaping 

Avant provide unbeatable machinary for landscaping jobs. Their versatility and efficiency has been a positive suprise for professional landscapers. The bigger articulated Avant 600 series machines can handle the hard jobs on site like the moving of heavy pallets and big bags. 
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Property Maintenance

Avant provide all year round machine for property maintenance, sweeping and washing of yeards & streets, lawn mowing and leaf collecting. Alll this with the same basic machine. Thanks to its compact dimensions tight situations, small yards and narrow gates are no problem.
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The best Avant models for construction jobs are the bigger 500, 600 and 700 series. Avant can tackle many jobs on construction sites, in serveral phases of a construction project. Powerful auxiliary hydraulics enable efficient use of the versatile Avant attachment range.  
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Equipment & Acessories


Aquamaster Water Aeration Systems

Aeration Systems work from the bottom of the pond, completely submerged, out of sight and silent. Oxygen-depleted water is not a problem as the system provides equal distribution of oxygenated water.
Available in all countries. View product website.

Vaisala Weather Stations

Helping you monitor weather conditions and plan your day, Vaisala weather stations update you on weather conditions and keep records to enable you to plan course maintenance and ensure safety.
Available in all countries. View product website.

McConnel Landscape Equipment
This market leading range covers power arms for edge cutting and tree maintenance; remote controlled frail mowers (ROBOCOT) and cultivation & grounds care equipment for various applications.

Available in all countries. View product website

Turf & Horticultural Management


Syngenta Turf Protection

Syngenta products offer disease, insect, weed control and turf grass growth regulators for professional golf superintendents, green keepers and sports turf managers.
Available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. View product website.

BEST® Fertilisers

A wide variety of turf products including controlled-release fertilisers and fertilisers for tees and greens. Professional turf managers count on BEST® for its consistent performance. 
Available in all countries. View product website.

Profile® Soil Amendments

Profile® has the soil solutions that will permanently enhance your root zones for improved germination, increased oxygen levels and greater water and nutrient retention. 
Available in all countries. View product website.

Turf Feeding Systems

Automated systems for mixing and feeding liquid fertiliser to your green area through the irrigation system. Helping maintain the correct and constant supply of nutrition to your plants.
Available in all countries. View product website.


After-Sales & Service

Beyond distribution we provide a full service to all our customers. Our teams across the region offer technical knowledge and local expertise. Our network of warehouses ensures parts are available for timely repairs as required.
As well as after-sales support we offer a turf & horticultural management service to support you in taking care of your facility.
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