Equipment & Accessories

We distribute the world’s leading brands including Foley, Par Aide and Graden. We offer a range of accessories and course equipment for use on golf courses, parks, landscaped gardens, green walls and other green spaces, including agricultural and horticultural sites. Our service teams provide after-sales service including operator training, technical support, spare parts delivery and onsite support across the region. 
Foley United had been committed to the turf industry since 1934, setting the industry standard for sharpening equipment.

Foley Grinders

From rotary grinders to reel and bedknife grinders, Foley United delivers ultimate performance and precision results with every machine. You can count on Foley United's quality time after time, with every single use.
Available in all countries.


  Graden supplies specialist and innovative equipment for use on golf courses and other types of sporting venues, such as football stadiums.

Graden Verticutters

This market leading range extends from the small walk-behind GS04, to the tractor mounted GBS 1200 and the SW04 Swing Wing for removing thatch and securing a healthy, easy to maintain turf.
Available in all countries.
  McConnel has been committed to developing innovative equipment for turf, parks and roadside maintenance since 1939.

McConnel Landscape Equipment

This market leading range covers power arms for edge cutting and tree maintenance; remote controlled frail mowers (ROBOCOT) and cultivation & ground care equipment for various applications.
Available in all countries.

Par Aide is the leading supplier of Golf course accessories. Finding solutions to make your job easier and your course the best it can be. 

Par Aide Course Accessories

A wide range of golf course accessories to cover your needs on the play area, from tee markers and ball washers to cups and flags benches - ensuring your customers enjoyment of the game. 
Available in all countries.
  Committed to excellence in designing, building and delivering superior aquatic management systems.

Water Aeration Systems

Aeration systems work from the bottom of the pond, completely submerged, out of sight and silent. Oxygen-depleted water is not a problem as the system provides equal distribution of oxygenated water.
Available in all countries. 


  Vaisala products and services provide customers with the means to influence and better understand their environment.

Vaisala Weather Stations

Helping you monitor weather conditions and plan your day, Vaisala weather stations update you on weather conditions and keep records to enable you to plan course maintenance and ensure safety.
Available in all countries.


  Top notch service and a trusted product have proven Yokohama to be the favoured choice in the industry.

Yokohama Batteries

Superior and reliable, Yokohama is in the front line of the battery manufacturing industry. Consistent quality throughout the production process ensures a trustworthy product.
Available in all countries.
  Improved productivity, elevated experience and increased revenue. That's the Visage effect.

Visage Mobile Golf Information Systems


More than a simple GPS, Visage heightens the golf experience for players as it maximises ROI for your operation. A Visage equipped fleet works to elevate your operation’s stature while improving its bottom line.
Available in all countries.