Avant Techno Oy designs, manufactures and sells compact multi-functional wheeled loaders and attachments. Avant products are versatile, powerful, compact, innovative and durable in all working conditions; and they can be found all around the world. This is why Avant is the market leader in loaders with an operating weight under 2,000kg.
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Jebsen & Jessen Technology - Turf & Irrigation distributes a range of turf and landscape maintenance equipment and irrigation systems for use on golf courses, parks, landscaped gardens, green walls and other green spaces, including agriculture and horticultural sites. Our service teams provide after-sales service including operator training, technical support, spare parts delivery and onsite support across the region.




700 Series Articulated Telescopic Loader

The unique articulated chassis design makes Avant 700 series an unrivalled manchine in its class, with top class features to improve operator comfort, work efficiency and work quality.

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AVANT 600 Top Class Features

600 series offer full capacity enough to handle heavier loads. It does not damage lawns, pavings and other sensitive surfaces with efficiency both for lifting and attachments. Perfect function when working in the yards and gardens.
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Versatile and Powerful Avant 500

The operating characteristics, power and user friendliness of the Avant 500 will meet all your working requirement. Also, it is compact enough to work in tight situations, go through narrow doorways etc. On the other hand it is also strong enough to handle heavier loads.
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The Newest Avant 400

The 400 series has a very important role in Avant  loader program. It is a machine that the customers have been asking for: a compact, economical multi purpose loader with diesel or petrol engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year round.
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The Skid Steer Avant 300 Series

Robust and uncomplicated design, Avant 300 is a very strong machine and also an economical choice for jobs where a skid steer loader is at its best: on hard surfaces. For soft grounds and paved areas the articulated Avant models are a better choice.
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Avant 200

The exceptional versatility for do-it-yourself job, Avant  200 is equipped, as standard, with a lift arm, powerful auxiliary hydraulics with oil cooler, hydraulic power steering, trailer coupling, work lights, safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy.  
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Robot 185

Avant Robot 185 features compact design without compromising on efficiency or reach. The unique design and boom geometry take usability to the next level. Equipped with telescopic boom, the maximum vertical reach is 5,5m, while horizontal reach is 4,5m.
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Attachments for 200 Series

Basic attachments for 200 series perform with impressive for many digging jobs, landscaping, green area maintenance, property maintenance and horse farms especially in tight situations and confined spaces. 
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Attachments for 300-700 Series

Attachments for 300-700 series perform superior results. We offer different types and sizes of buckets, blades, winches, compressors, pallet forks and tilt adaptors to meet your requirements and to tackle the jobs all year round. 
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