A Small Solution with Big Potential

Jebsen & Jessen Technology, Indonesia - Turf & Irrigation has been actively promoting AVANT in Indonesia and selectively penetrating into the property maintenance, light-to-medium construction and agriculture segments.
For its efforts, the team has sold four AVANT units for very different applications, demonstrating the versatility of the solution.

For instance, PT Gajah Tunggal, an existing customer, had problems picking up hot tire rims from the processing line and transporting these to the next process stage. Two AVANT units with telescopic jib boom attachments proved to be the solution, with the client enjoying the additional benefit of the AVANT’s narrow turning radius when driving inside the facility.

In July 2015, a farming association in West Java needed non-heavy equipment to support the heavier equipment in daily farming activities such as digging and cleaning. A single unit of AVANT with general bucket and backhoe solved their problem.

Just a month later, in August 2015, Turf & Irrigation team sold a unit of the AVANT 528 series to a housing developer in Bali. The customer realised that using heavy equipment was too costly and could damage the land. For the cut and fill process, it would be far more economical to use AVANT with five attachments (general bucket, backhoe, dozer blade, leveller and tipping trailer).

With these successes, the Turf & Irrigation team is confident of the prospects of the AVANT Mini Loader in Indonesia.