Teeing off with TORO

 The latest TORO irrigation and the new Infinity sprinkler heads in action.
Having successfully supplied and commissioned the TORO irrigation system for Sentosa Golf Club’s award-winning Serapong Course in 2015, Jebsen & Jessen Technology Singapore (JJTS) is delighted that the same system has been selected for the re-development of the club’s Tanjong Course.
Construction of the new 18-hole Tanjong Course started in October 2015. Soft opening was in November 2016, allowing just three months to grow in the turf. For both JJTS and its contractor,this was a challenging timeframe to complete and commission the fully automatic irrigation system but they achieved on-time delivery by working closely together.
The latest TORO Infinity sprinkler offers a ‘no digging of turf’experience when it comes to maintenance and trouble-shooting of sprinklers as all components are serviceable by just removing the top sprinkler cover. This saves time, especially compared to products in the market that require the sprinkler to be dug out and the turf to be relaid each time trouble-shooting is conducted. TORO’s ‘smart’ access via a larger sprinkler body also offers provision for future upgrading from the top.
The Lynx Control System currently leads the competition in terms of user friendliness as well as energy and water saving features. Unlike typical control systems that rotate sprinklers by minutes, the TORO Lynx allows golf courses to rotate sprinklers by seconds to better meet their watering needs. Together with the TORO Turfguard moisture sensor, the solution helps golf courses enjoy significant water savings, considering that there can be over 1,000 sprinklers on a course.
As part of TORO and JJTS’s continued support for Sentosa Golf Club,the partners have also provided TORO’s Precision Sensor service as part of their complete solution. The Precision Sensor machine is a piece of proprietary equipment from TORO that is not for sale. There are only six such machines worldwide. The Precision Sensor equipment is equipped with a high-tech GPS system, moisture, salinity,compaction sensors and vigour cameras that capture turf data inorder to provide useful turf health information to the club for turf improvement.